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GHG Inventory and Reduction

GICIA, in association with SCS, provides GHG (Green House Gases) Inventory and Reduction Management Services. In this program, we can guide your organisation through the process of developing a certifiable baseline GHG footprint, identifying opportunities for GHG emission reductions and tracking reduction in subsequent years. The GHG emission inventories that we facilitate are recognized by all major climate registries.

Our comprehensive GHG based foot-printing analytical service will help you to get the most accurate measure of your climate impacts. This would assist your organization in meeting compliance with voluntary and mandatory emission requirements. GICIA will help your company use the GHG inventory data to reduce emissions, improve operational efficiency and save money.

Contact Person
Urvi Goel
Mobile No.- (+91) 9810340953
Neeti Bhatt
Mobile No.- (+91) 9313344624
office: +91 (120) 6500163