In association with SCS Global services, we have accomplished the Forest management certification process in nearly 0.8 million hectare forest and non-forest areas. The list of clients range from government owned production forest to small and low intensity managed non-forest areas with gamut of timber and non-timber species. A illustrative list of forests certified by in country till date is as follows –

License Code Certificate Code Client Name Area (ha.) Forest Type
FSC-C119475 SCS-FM/COC-004836 Uttar Pradesh Forest Corporation 4,18,601 Government owned Natural Forest
FSC-C105496 SCS-FM/COC-004227 Bhamragarh Forest Division, Maharashtra Forest Department, India 3,67,732 Government owned Natural Forest
FSC-C119477 SCS-FM/COC-004838 International Paper APPM Ltd. 33635 Privately owned Group/SLIMF certification
FSC-C106994 SCS-FM/COC-00143P Society for Afforestation, Research And Allied Works (SARA) 17324 Privately owned Group/SLIMF certification
FSC-C123770 SCS-FM/COC-005124 JK Paper Ltd., Unit- JK Paper Mills 10817 Privately owned Group/SLIMF certification
FSC-C119478 SCS-FM/COC-004839 Tripura Forest Development and Plantation Corporation Ltd. 7087 Government owned Rubber Plantations
FSC-C105497 SCS-FM/COC-00146G Patneswari Agri. Co-Operative Ltd. (PACL) 2364 Privately owned Group/SLIMF certification
FSC-C105495 SCS-FM/COC-004729 Loke Vaniki Kisan Samit 175 Privately owned Group/SLIMF certification
FSC-C123029 SCS-FM-005047 Kasu Brahmananda Reddy National


143 Government owned Protected Area