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Forest Management – FSC

GICIA is delivering FSC certifcation services in association with SCS Global Services offerings certification of forest management operations that are well-managed in accordance with environmentally and socially responsible guidelines, as elaborated by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Principles and Criteria. Forest management certification promotes the responsible use of forest resources and recognizes management practices that are environmentally safe, socially responsible and ecologically viable. FSC is available to all types and sizes of organizations including private companies, government forestry agencies, timberland investment management organizations, indigenous people, consulting foresters, and groups of small landowners. By holding an FSC Forest Management (FM) certificate, companies gain the ability to market and sell products as FSC Certified. In addition, the practices being adopted by the forest owners and managers are recognized universally as meeting the gold standard for social, environmental and ecological responsibility.

Contact Person
Manu Jose Mattam
Mobile No.- (+91) 9350022203
Office: +91 (120) 6500168