Our Chain of Custody Clients

GICIA India Pvt. Ltd. in association with SCS global services has certified more than 300 forest product based companies, traders, paper mills, printers and manufacturers.

S. No Companies Certified License Number Certificate Code
1 RSK Industries FSC-C125451 SCS-COC-005251
2 Krishna Tissues Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C125740 SCS-COC-005197
3 Marghoob and Brothers FSC-C125741 SCS-COC-005250
4 Craft Home FSC-C129302 SCS-COC-005516
5 Lovely Offset Printers Private Limited FSC-C127006 SCS-COC-005342
6 Vishwanath Paper and Boards Limited FSC-C128391 SCS-COC-005432
7 Jaipur Crafts Pvt Ltd FSC-C128514 SCS-COC-005394
8 Pyrotech Workspace Solutions PVT LTD FSC-C128770 SCS-COC-005465
9 Mars Art and Craft Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C128771 SCS-COC-005460
10 Nageen Prakashan Pvt Ltd FSC-C128913 SCS-COC-005448
11 Krishna Creative Cards Pvt Ltd FSC-C129023 SCS-COC-005483
12 Aztec Shiva Handicrafts & Arts Pvt Ltd FSC-C129061 SCS-COC-005485
13 Grupo JK FSC-C130549 SCS-COC-005613
14 National Handicrafts FSC-C130740 SCS-COC-005614
15 Bloom Dekor Limited FSC-C131440 SCS-COC-005678
16 Encore Exports FSC-C131459 SCS-COC-005672
17 Shah Paper Mills Ltd. (Unit 1 & 2) FSC-C132061 SCS-COC-005734
18 Shah Paper Mills Ltd. – Unit 3 FSC-C132062 SCS-COC-005735
19 Gill Timbers FSC-C132087 SCS-COC-005736
20 Kurlon Enterprise Ltd FSC-C132325 SCS-COC-005757
21 Nachiketa Papers FSC-C132731 SCS-COC-005783
22 Arrkaa Art N Exportz FSC-C133025 SCS-COC-005801
23 Craft Land FSC-C133134 SCS-COC-005811
24 Krishna Arts FSC-C133664 SCS-COC-005858
25 Shah Pulp & Paper Mills Ltd. FSC-C134512 SCS-COC-005909
26 Rajasthan Arts and Crafts House FSC-C134513 SCS-COC-005911
27 M.R. Impex FSC-C134534 SCS-COC-005907
28 Viraj Prints FSC-C134850 SCS-COC-005931
29 Hastkala Exports FSC-C135124 SCS-COC-005945
30 Mayank Exports FSC-C135511 SCS-COC-005913
31 Eximcorp India Pvt Ltd FSC-C041431 SCS-COC-002998
32 Manipal Technologies Limited FSC-C043100 SCS-COC-003010
33 Lynx Designers & Creators Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C043123 SCS-COC-002954
34 Kraftile International FSC-C001981 SCS-COC-002735
35 Nupur International FSC-C010643 SCS-COC-002682
36 AC Goel Paper Distributing Co. Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C126547 SCS-COC-005299
37 B P Packagings Pvt Ltd FSC-C127174 SCS-COC-005361
38 Indian Hub FSC-C127536 SCS-COC-005370
39 LW Labels Inc. FSC-C128090 SCS-COC-005411
40 Creative Art & Craft FSC-C128719 SCS-COC-005459
41 Asean Box Corporation FSC-C130789 SCS-COC-005643
42 Indian Art Furnitures Pvt Ltd FSC-C131554 SCS-COC-005649
43 VSBA Industries FSC-C132205 SCS-COC-005747
44 Hi-Tech International FSC-C132780 SCS-COC-005784
45 Sanjeev Kahali FSC-C132891 SCS-COC-005778
46 Handicraft Emporio FSC-C133469 SCS-COC-005844
47 Jodhpur Handicraft House FSC-C133790 SCS-COC-005865
48 The Malabar Timber Company FSC-C135406 SCS-COC-005979
49 K R Pulp & Papers Limited FSC-C135549 SCS-COC-005957
50 Elder Exim Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C004648 SCS-COC-002596
51 BILT Graphic Paper Products Limited, Unit-Bhigwan FSC-C016524 SCS-COC-002612
52 Bilt Graphic Paper Products Limited – Ashti Unit FSC-C017860 SCS-COC-002610
53 BILT Graphic Paper Products Ltd. Ballarpur Unit FSC-C022678 SCS-COC-002678
54 Ballarpur Industries Limited – Shree Gopal Unit FSC-C051272 SCS-COC-003041
55 Bilt Graphic Paper Products Limited – SEWA Unit FSC-C068115 SCS-COC-003040
56 International Paper APPM Limited, Unit: Rajahmundry FSC-C084811 SCS-COC-003258
57 M/s Atheena Exports FSC-C092547 SCS-COC-003248
58 Durian Industries Ltd. FSC-C095259 SCS-COC-003290
59 Trident Limited FSC-C100253 SCS-COC-003321
60 West Coast Paper Mills Ltd. FSC-C100498 SCS-COC-003383
61 GEMWOOD (Division of GMD International) FSC-C101965 SCS-COC-006241
62 Overseas Traders FSC-C102670 SCS-COC-006380
63 Shri Laxmi Associates FSC-C104642 SCS-COC-003561
64 Natural Wood and Veneers Private Limited FSC-C105238 SCS-COC-003652
65 J K Paper Ltd FSC-C106545 SCS-COC-003746
66 BILT – Unit Kamalapuram FSC-C107255 SCS-COC-003818
67 Century Plyboards (India) Limited FSC-C107444 SCS-COC-003864
68 C.L. Gupta Exports Ltd. FSC-C107630 SCS-COC-003829
69 Sarda Plywood Industries Limited FSC-C108194 SCS-COC-003883
70 Pinkcity Enterprises FSC-C109642 SCS-COC-004055
71 Vamani Overseas Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C111528 SCS-COC-004241
72 Laxmi Ideal Interiors FSC-C111629 SCS-COC-004251
73 Hindustan Pencils Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C112339 SCS-COC-004280
75 Corporate Office FSC-C114046 SCS-COC-004438
76 Associate Decor Ltd. FSC-C114433 SCS-COC-004459
77 Neo Casta International FSC-C115882 SCS-COC-005964
78 Eco Lignum FSC-C120527 SCS-COC-004826
79 C. Jacob & Co FSC-C138711 SCS-COC-006173
80 Hitaishi KK Manufacturing Company Private Limited FSC-C143265 SCS-COC-006463
81 Seshasayee Paper and Boards Limited FSC-C084458 SCS-COC-003153
82 Kuantum Papers Ltd. FSC-C109585 SCS-COC-004050
83 Shree Ganesh Saw Mill FSC-C137168 SCS-COC-006083
84 Uniply Industries Limited FSC-C043096 SCS-COC-002996
85 Thomson Press (India) Ltd. – Mumbai FSC-C003962 SCS-COC-002447
86 RRD Donnelley Publishing India Pvt Ltd. FSC-C008925 SCS-COC-000648
87 Thomson Press (India) – Okhla FSC-C010615 SCS-COC-002448
88 RRD Donnelley Publishing India Pvt Ltd. FSC-C016376 SCS-COC-000927
89 Replika Press Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C016779 SCS-COC-004076
90 Bengal Waterproof Ltd FSC-C017599 SCS-COC-002707
91 Attic Products FSC-C018017 SCS-COC-002722
92 Pragati Offset Private Limited FSC-C018531 SCS-COC-002690
93 Parksons Graphics FSC-C018598 SCS-COC-002698
94 Pragati Pack (India) Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C020025 SCS-COC-002687
95 Relaxo Footwear Ltd. FSC-C021038 SCS-COC-002276
96 Basant FSC-C041200 SCS-COC-002856
97 Repro India Ltd FSC-C047271 SCS-COC-003042
98 Gopsons Papers Ltd. FSC-C084220 SCS-COC-003211
99 Print House India Pvt Ltd FSC-C084251 SCS-COC-003157
100 FFI International FSC-C084303 SCS-COC-003160
101 Sona Papers Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C084365 SCS-COC-003187
102 Papers Worldwide India Services Private Ltd – Bangalore FSC-C092607 SCS-COC-003272
103 Designco FSC-C092814 SCS-COC-003125
104 Art & Crafts Inc. FSC-C095173 SCS-COC-003307
105 Akhil Prints FSC-C095374 SCS-COC-003315
106 Bhairav Creations Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C099984 SCS-COC-003327
107 Greenlam Industries Ltd FSC-C100034 SCS-COC-003328
108 Prism Papyrus Pvt Ltd FSC-C100274 SCS-COC-003350
109 Prolific Papers (P)Ltd. FSC-C100359 SCS-COC-003371
110 MAC International FSC-C100429 SCS-COC-003330
111 Goyal India FSC-C100639 SCS-COC-003410
112 Eurowood Lumber Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C100656 SCS-COC-003385
113 A.K. Panels FSC-C101509 SCS-COC-003424
114 Decorpac India Private Limited FSC-C102010 SCS-COC-003464
115 Archies Limited FSC-C102385 SCS-COC-003491
116 Gautam Plywood Industries Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C102388 SCS-COC-003496
117 Transasia Sales Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C102415 SCS-COC-003492
118 Servalakshmi Paper Private Limited FSC-C102467 SCS-COC-003507
119 Cedar Decor Pvt Ltd FSC-C102468 SCS-COC-003506
120 Shreyans Industries Limited FSC-C102863 SCS-COC-003505
121 Atam Associates Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C103743 SCS-COC-003565
122 Manohar Filaments Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C103974 SCS-COC-003588
123 Shree Paper Co Pvt Ltd FSC-C104178 SCS-COC-003611
124 Printografik FSC-C104424 SCS-COC-003626
125 Jayant Printery FSC-C105180 SCS-COC-003685
126 Arun Bros/ Arun Art Printers Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C105454 SCS-COC-003702
127 Srinivas Papers FSC-C105521 SCS-COC-003707
128 M. K. Printpack Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C105839 SCS-COC-003736
129 Infinity Industries Pvt Ltd FSC-C106508 SCS-COC-003794
130 UV Boards Limited FSC-C107085 SCS-COC-003835
131 Shah Devji Shivji & Co FSC-C107180 SCS-COC-003842
132 International Print-O-Pac Limited FSC-C107572 SCS-COC-004468
133 Salasar Laminates Limited FSC-C107627 SCS-COC-003804
134 Deco Mica Limited FSC-C107664 SCS-COC-003803
135 SAP Print Solutions Pvt Ltd FSC-C107926 SCS-COC-003891
136 Coast To Coast Designs (Pvt) Ltd FSC-C108207 SCS-COC-003907
137 Premier Tissues India Limited FSC-C108808 SCS-COC-003950
138 Jhaveri Packaging Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C109002 SCS-COC-003990
139 Chirmi Overseas FSC-C109026 SCS-COC-003984
140 Unique Plywoods Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C109179 SCS-COC-004003
141 Maple Mouldings Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C109288 SCS-COC-004011
142 Hastkala FSC-C109316 SCS-COC-004018
143 Anil Agencies (P) Ltd. FSC-C109392 SCS-COC-003977
144 Signature Laminates Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C109413 SCS-COC-004022
145 Chanakya Mudrak Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C109477 SCS-COC-004031
146 Rich Offset (India) Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C109563 SCS-COC-004036
147 Palghar Plywood Product Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C109564 SCS-COC-004048
148 Vishnu Art & Craft FSC-C109698 SCS-COC-004065
149 Cross Country FSC-C109732 SCS-COC-004069
150 Harshan Pro Pack LLP FSC-C109795 SCS-COC-004072
151 Sushil Udyog FSC-C109796 SCS-COC-004073
152 Krishna International Exim FSC-C109835 SCS-COC-004074
153 Latiyal Handicrafts Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C109836 SCS-COC-004075
154 Indus Trade FSC-C109892 SCS-COC-004078
155 Shivam International Exim FSC-C109918 SCS-COC-004083
156 Jodhana Art & Crafts FSC-C109933 SCS-COC-004091
157 Arvind Expo Crafts FSC-C109958 SCS-COC-004086
158 Evergreen International Limited FSC-C109999 SCS-COC-004099
159 Chandni Crafts FSC-C110000 SCS-COC-004100
160 Shree Bhikshu Art Exim FSC-C110047 SCS-COC-004103
161 New Light Art Exports FSC-C110048 SCS-COC-004106
162 Village Impex, Inc. FSC-C110076 SCS-COC-004116
163 Shekhawati Art Exports FSC-C110097 SCS-COC-004118
164 Sankara Furniture Designs FSC-C110098 SCS-COC-004117
165 Original Art Galleries Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C110110 SCS-COC-004120
166 Shruti Impex FSC-C110111 SCS-COC-004122
167 Bhati and Company FSC-C110114 SCS-COC-004123
168 Manav Creations FSC-C110115 SCS-COC-004121
169 Parygon Exports FSC-C110136 SCS-COC-004126
170 Bharat Arts and Crafts FSC-C110137 SCS-COC-004127
171 Bhaval Export FSC-C110158 SCS-COC-004129
172 Arihant Graphics FSC-C110249 SCS-COC-004131
173 Legends Crafts FSC-C110255 SCS-COC-004136
174 Heritage FSC-C110273 SCS-COC-004138
175 Infiniti India FSC-C110274 SCS-COC-004137
176 Bhawani Emporium FSC-C110292 SCS-COC-004139
177 Aadarsh Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C110569 SCS-COC-004158
178 Gardex FSC-C111396 SCS-COC-004236
179 AC Brothers FSC-C111993 SCS-COC-004271
180 Poddar Associates FSC-C111994 SCS-COC-004273
181 International Paper APPM Limited, Unit: Kadiyam FSC-C112308 SCS-COC-004293
182 Sun Fine Papers Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C112315 SCS-COC-004308
183 Brijbasi Art Press Ltd. FSC-C113389 SCS-COC-004393
184 Shri Balaji Trading Company FSC-C114246 SCS-COC-004461
185 Kagazkaar Industries Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C114631 SCS-COC-003912
186 Galaxy Offset (India) Pvt. Ltd FSC-C114664 SCS-COC-004482
187 Royal Art & Exports FSC-C114734 SCS-COC-004488
188 Jay Wood Industry FSC-C114791 SCS-COC-004491
189 Silverpoint Press Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C115322 SCS-COC-004535
190 Shri Lakshmi Ganapathy Industries Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C115355 SCS-COC-004526
191 Parker Cycle Industries FSC-C115357 SCS-COC-004508
192 Saraf Export Palace FSC-C115510 SCS-COC-004540
193 M/s Anant Exports FSC-C116231 SCS-COC-004579
194 Arihant Traders FSC-C116392 SCS-COC-004603
195 J.C. Antiques & Crafts FSC-C116793 SCS-COC-004634
196 M/s Suraj Art Expo Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C117124 SCS-COC-004649
197 Sripathi Paper and Boards Pvt Ltd FSC-C117396 SCS-COC-004662
198 BILT Graphic Paper Products Limited- BGPPL FSC-C117490 SCS-COC-004668
199 BILT P3 FSC-C117585 SCS-COC-004676
200 M/s Umaid Craftorium FSC-C117647 SCS-COC-004678
201 M/s Neelkanth Arts & Crafts FSC-C117838 SCS-COC-004693
202 M/s S P Labels FSC-C117992 SCS-COC-004706
203 Seetkamal International FSC-C118185 SCS-COC-004719
204 Neo Crafts Impex Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C119050 SCS-COC-004785
205 The Woodpecker FSC-C119061 SCS-COC-004789
206 Nodi Exports FSC-C119176 SCS-COC-004810
207 Aegean Offset Printers FSC-C119324 SCS-COC-004819
208 Print Additions Inc. FSC-C119540 SCS-COC-004844
209 Jupiter Paper Trading Company Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C119634 SCS-COC-004849
210 Printografik Packaging India Pvt Ltd FSC-C119654 SCS-COC-004812
211 Sankalp International FSC-C120563 SCS-COC-004896
212 Enkie International Private Limited FSC-C120741 SCS-COC-004928
213 Garnett Specialty Paper Ltd. FSC-C120846 SCS-COC-004932
214 Paper Merchantz Inc. FSC-C121407 SCS-COC-004978
215 Gangotri Paper Mills Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C124846 SCS-COC-005220
216 Sohani Handicrafts FSC-C125097 SCS-COC-005233
217 Exports International Corporation (EIC) FSC-C122273 SCS-COC-005039
218 Perfect Designs FSC-C123468 SCS-COC-005115
219 M.C.B. Exports FSC-C123610 SCS-COC-005111
220 Print Elevators FSC-C123647 SCS-COC-005116
221 JK Paper Ltd., Unit- JK Paper Mills FSC-C123770 SCS-FM/COC-005124
222 TTK Healthcare Limited – Protective Devices Division FSC-C123915 SCS-COC-005152
223 K. B. Arts & Crafts FSC-C123994 SCS-COC-005159
224 Labelwala FSC-C124181 SCS-COC-005172
225 Pushpa Artefacts FSC-C137409 SCS-COC-006091
226 Magnum Ventures Limited FSC-C137685 SCS-COC-006108
227 Pratistha Packaging FSC-C137740 SCS-COC-006116
228 Safe Earth FSC-C138057 SCS-COC-006117
229 Marque Impex FSC-C138165 SCS-COC-006136
230 Vama Art & Craft Private Limited FSC-C138441 SCS-COC-006152
231 The Home Dekor FSC-C138442 SCS-COC-006153
232 Stanley OEM Sofas Ltd FSC-C138644 SCS-COC-006170
233 Mampilly Plywood Industries FSC-C138927 SCS-COC-006179
234 Sara Abode Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C139189 SCS-COC-006201
235 Sanat Printers FSC-C139355 SCS-COC-006208
236 KEF Infrastructure India Private Limited FSC-C139381 SCS-COC-006214
237 Impact Vision FSC-C139472 SCS-COC-006205
238 Aruna Impex FSC-C139523 SCS-COC-006222
239 Country Art & Craft LLP FSC-C139799 SCS-COC-006236
240 Garba Exports FSC-C139955 SCS-COC-006246
241 Lila Handicrafts FSC-C139957 SCS-COC-006248
242 Kishoriji Exports FSC-C135751 SCS-COC-005997
243 Home Trading International FSC-C135776 SCS-COC-006002
244 M/s Raju Enterprises FSC-C136111 SCS-COC-006019
245 Goel Craft House FSC-C136124 SCS-COC-006007
246 Indian Wood Art FSC-C136401 SCS-COC-006038
247 Green Fingers (India) PVT. LTD FSC-C136442 SCS-COC-006043
248 Vrinda Papers PVT LTD FSC-C136795 SCS-COC-006062
249 Sonu Handicrafts FSC-C137193 SCS-COC-006064
250 Brijlaxmi Paper Products Pvt. Ltd. (a Shrachi Company) FSC-C140331 SCS-COC-006280
251 Sturdy Consumer Products FSC-C140811 SCS-COC-006302
252 Santosh Print Solutions FSC-C141540 SCS-COC-006333
253 Creative International Exports FSC-C141781 SCS-COC-006373
254 Prisma FSC-C141874 SCS-COC-006275
255 Paswara Papers Ltd. FSC-C141997 SCS-COC-006384
256 Arts & Crafts Exports FSC-C142505 SCS-COC-006409
257 Vigg India International FSC-C142571 SCS-COC-006415
258 Sambhav Timber and Handicrafts FSC-C142873 SCS-COC-006449
259 Dileep Industries Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C142967 SCS-COC-006443
260 Century Plyboards (India) Limited FSC-C143057 SCS-COC-006450
261 Creative Global FSC-C143103 SCS-COC-006458
262 NSD Printers Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C143104 SCS-COC-006457
263 Globe Panel Industries India Private Limited FSC-C143264 SCS-COC-006471
264 Devrishi Papers Pvt. Ltd. FSC-C143329 SCS-COC-006481
265 Sharda Grafix FSC-C143428 SCS-COC-006484
266 Uttar Pradesh Forest Corporation FSC-C119475 SCS-FM/COC-004836
267 Loke Vaniki Kisan Samiti FSC-C105495 SCS-FM/COC-004729
268 Bhamaragarh Forest Division, Maharashtra Forest Department, India FSC-C105496 SCS-FM/COC-004227
269 Patneswari Agri. Co-Operative Ltd. (PACL) FSC-C105497 SCS-FM/COC-00146G
270 Society for Afforestation, Research And Allied Works (SARA) FSC-C106994 SCS-FM/COC-00143P
271 International Paper APPM Ltd. FSC-C119477 SCS-FM/COC-004838
272 Tripura Forest Development and Plantation Corporation Ltd. FSC-C119478 SCS-FM/COC-004839
273 Kasu Brahmananda Reddy National Park FSC-C123029 SCS-FM-005047
274 Warna Exporters (Pvt) Ltd FSC-C125490 SCS-COC-005261
275 Lalan Rubbers (Pvt) Limited FSC-C022720 SCS-COC-002346
276 Lanka Balloons Holdings (Private) Limited FSC-C084427 SCS-COC-003188
277 Samson International PLC and Samson Compounds (Pvt.) Ltd. FSC-C100299 SCS-COC-003189
278 Ceytra (Pvt) Ltd FSC-C103217 SCS-COC-003545
279 Pandeniya Thurusaviya Samithiya FSC-C104870 SCS-FM/COC-00134G
280 Dipped Products PLC FSC-C111601 SCS-COC-004246
281 Gamage Enterprises Lanka (Pvt) Ltd FSC-C120051 SCS-COC-004861
282 Janrich Pvt Ltd FSC-C123547 SCS-COC-005127
283 Daisen Industries (Pvt) Ltd FSC-C124328 SCS-COC-005178
284 Classic Impressions (Pvt) Ltd FSC-C138928 SCS-COC-006181
285 Sigma Contracting Trading SARI LLC FSC-C131884 SCS-COC-005709
286 Altatrade S.A.L. Offshore FSC-C134383 SCS-COC-005900
287 Byblos Printing SAL FSC-C135074 SCS-COC-005956
288 Societe Kamel Bekdache Et. Fils SAL FSC-C105099 SCS-COC-003669
289 Arab Printing Press Sal FSC-C106903 SCS-COC-003819
290 Raidy Printing Group SAL FSC-C107665 SCS-COC-003867
291 Sun Paper Group MEA S.A.L. FSC-C107669 SCS-COC-003879
292 Unibag Sal FSC-C108092 SCS-COC-003913
293 RAK Paper & Board SAL FSC-C108230 SCS-COC-003924
294 Express International SAL FSC-C113401 SCS-COC-004402
295 Dar el Kotob sal FSC-C119903 SCS-COC-004876
296 SAB International FSC-C121994 SCS-COC-005008
297 Fabria Trading Company SARL FSC-C125074 SCS-COC-005232
298 Puriplast Liban SAL FSC-C137809 SCS-COC-006076
299 Elcir SAL FSC-C137153 SCS-COC-006081
300 Classical Palace FSC-C127157 SCS-COC-005257
301 Hamad Bin Khalid Contracting Company W.L.L. FSC-C120052 SCS-COC-004866
302 Gulf Carton Factory Company FSC-C129024 SCS-COC-005486
303 Arab Paper Manufacturing Company (WARAQ) FSC-C133366 SCS-COC-005834
304 United Carton Industries Company FSC-C133453 SCS-COC-005835
305 Saudi Paper Manufacturing Co. FSC-C007620 SCS-COC-002387
306 Elf Company FSC-C130000 SCS-COC-005574
307 New Finepac FSC-C130044 SCS-COC-005567
308 Ideal Standard International Egypt FSC-C111060 SCS-COC-005044
309 Fadi: Contractors-Manufacturers FSC-C111266 SCS-COC-005037
310 El Rowad Furniture Company FSC-C116271 SCS-COC-004588
311 Meuble El Chark Factory S.A.E FSC-C116652 SCS-COC-004614
312 Egyptian American for Veneer & Lumber Co. FSC-C116892 SCS-COC-004616
313 Sphinx for Wood and Furniture FSC-C120075 SCS-COC-004880
314 Perfection FSC-C121849 SCS-COC-004992
315 Delta Co for Trading and Manufacturing of Wood FSC-C124682 SCS-COC-005201
317 Egyptian European Co. for Furniture FSC-C124143 SCS-COC-005164
318 Total Solutions Building Materials Trading LLC FSC-C125742 SCS-COC-005277
319 Transtec General Trading LLC FSC-C126104 SCS-COC-005292
320 Strongwood General Trading LLC FSC-C126700 SCS-COC-005307
321 Interior Selection Furniture Factory L.L.C FSC-C127088 SCS-COC-005356
322 NGR Paper Manufacturing LLC FSC-C131454 SCS-COC-005594
323 Esader General Trading FSC-C135004 SCS-COC-005935
324 Suweidco Trading and Agencies Establishment FSC-C013173 SCS-COC-002828
325 Oceanic General Trading LLC FSC-C023363 SCS-COC-002133
326 Fritz Kohl Middle East LLC FSC-C028472 SCS-COC-002834
327 Musandum International General Trading LLC FSC-C084252 SCS-COC-003190
328 Carta Plus FZE FSC-C084816 SCS-COC-003241
329 Emirates Paper Mills Ltd FSC-C104517 SCS-COC-003629
330 Orient Links Co LLC FSC-C106451 SCS-COC-003786
331 Express Printing Services L.L.C. FSC-C107882 SCS-COC-003886
332 Touchwood Décor & Furniture (LLC) FSC-C108313 SCS-COC-003906
333 Arab Building Materials Co. FSC-C109478 SCS-COC-004020
334 AL Gurg Stationery FSC-C109870 SCS-COC-004051
335 Parco Interiors L.L.C. FSC-C112152 SCS-COC-004297
336 Mepco Gulf Co. LLC FSC-C112393 SCS-COC-004315
337 M Three Building Materials LLC FSC-C114086 SCS-COC-004032
338 SUMA Building Materials Stores LLC FSC-C116294 SCS-COC-004586
339 Timbertech L.L.C. FSC-C116379 SCS-COC-004587
340 Al Merdass Trading Est. FSC-C116708 SCS-COC-004585
341 Print Central FZ LLC FSC-C117744 SCS-COC-004623
342 Finetrade Ltd. FSC-C118787 SCS-COC-004753
343 Easy Global Trading LLC FSC-C119932 SCS-COC-004815
344 PERI LLC FSC-C120302 SCS-COC-004902
345 ACME Building Materials Trading LLC FSC-C120305 SCS-COC-004904
346 Buimerc Corporation FZE FSC-C120348 SCS-COC-004898
347 Future Woods Trading Co. LLC FSC-C121021 SCS-COC-004906
348 Hands Middle East LLC FSC-C121504 SCS-COC-004974
349 Paper Kraft Paper Manufacturing LLC FSC-C121662 SCS-COC-004988
350 Ajman Korea Furniture and Timber Co. LLC FSC-C124843 SCS-COC-005126
351 Madar Emirates For Building Materials LLC FSC-C124874 SCS-COC-005117
352 Tamimi Interior Design LLC and Tamimi Interior Design Materials Manufacturing LLC FSC-C122539 SCS-COC-005003
353 Modec Building Materials Trading LLC FSC-C123850 SCS-COC-005128
354 Mohiudeen Wood Works Co LLC FSC-C137718 SCS-COC-006037
355 Speedhouse Furniture Manufacturing LLC FSC-C137862 SCS-COC-006090
356 The Print House LLC FSC-C138467 SCS-COC-006151
357 Kallegra Building Materials Trading LLC FSC-C138710 SCS-COC-006167
358 Shafiq Wood Products Trading FSC-C135839 SCS-COC-005944
359 Future Plan Building Materials Trading LLC FSC-C136613 SCS-COC-006012
360 PIC FZE FSC-C141669 SCS-COC-006351