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Legal Harvest Verification

The SCS Legal Harvest Verification program offered by GICIA provides independent, third party assessment of forests and forest products supply chains that reduce the risk of illegally harvested wood entering the supply chain. The verification process confirms the veracity of licenses, permits and the authenticity of tracking documents from the source forest of origin down the supply chain.

The LHV program is available and applicable to forest owners and managers, sawmills, pulp mills, secondary manufacturers, printers, publishers, plywood, furniture and handicrafts manufacturers etc, as well as distributors and retailers. The genesis of the LHV program lies on account of two significant legislations viz. the 2008 amendment to the Lacey Act in USA and the EU Due Diligence regulation requirement commonly addressed as FLEGT (Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade). These initiatives, along with other similar legislation which is due in countries like Australia, are aimed at curbing illegal logging and prohibiting trade in illegally harvested forest products or produce of forest origin.

With the emphasis on ‘due diligence’ that these legislations impose, the onus is on the organisation to prove that it has undertaken sufficient mechanisms to prevent the entry of illegal materials in its supply chain.

Compliance to the LHV standard will help protect your company from inadvertent violations of the US Lacey Act and the EU Due Diligence Regulation. Use of this rigorous standard could save your company from negative publicity and stiff government fines.

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