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Nutri Clean

We are engaged in offering Nutri Clean certification which is the nation’s first testing program to certify that fresh fruits and vegetables are free of pesticide residues. This is an independent certification organization which tests the presence of pesticide residue in vegetable and fruits. It was established in 1986 by Scientific Certification Systems.

The Green Initiatives Certification & Inspection Agency offers scientific researches and certifications that the vegetables and fruits produced by the companies are free of residue and are safe, healthy and hygienic for children as well as adults.

Pesticide Residue Free

In order to deliver pesticide free, healthy fruits and vegetables to the people, we offer certification to verify the dietary products produced by various companies. As pesticide is not safe for human health, all the vegetable and fruits should be completely fresh and pesticide free. Our offered certification confirms the absence of pesticide in the fruits and helps the retailers to get the link between ADHD. The certification requires full disclosure of pest management practices, evaluation of pest management practices, on-site sampling of products and laboratory testing to confirm that there are no pesticide residues present at levels above laboratory detection capabilities.