AWS_MASTERThe Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) is a global membership collaboration of businesses, NGOs and the public sector. The AWS standard is aimed at achieving five water stewardship outcomes: good water governance; sustainable water balance; good water quality; and the healthy status of important water-related areas and WASH. The AWS Standard is applicable globally to all organizations and industrial sectors, independent of their size and operational complexity, including agriculture, and non-profit sectors.

Getting certified under the AWS standard helps organizations to ensure water stewardship is in place at their site and catchment, increase brand value, reduce operational risks due to water, demonstrate compliance to stakeholders, maximise positive environmental impact, Share water management challenges and discover solutions within the AWS network. There are three levels of certifications. The points required for each certification level are all Core Indicators + Advanced Indicator points as follows:

AWS Core: 0 – 39 pointsAWS Website

AWS Gold: 40 – 79 points

AWS Platinum: 80 or more points

The client has to fulfill all core criteria to get the certification. Advanced criteria indicate continual improvement. As an accredited certification body of AWS, GIPL offers certification and auditing services to prospective clients.

A stepwise process of obtaining AWS certification is as follows:

  1. Familiarize your site with the AWS Standard and commit to implement and certify
  2. Complete and submit the site registration form on the page ‘Register your site with AWS’ on
  3. The client implements the AWS Standard, either alone or with a consultant
  4. Client submits filled application form to GIPL available on our website or request for proposal via email on
  5. Optional Pre-assessment is conducted to identify gaps
  6. Site is audited and addresses any gaps highlighted by our AWS Trained Auditors.
  7. GIPL issues report based on audit findings and determine AWS conformity
  8. The client is issued a certificate with annual surveillance and full renewal every 3 years.