CAMPA Assessment

We undertake services to monitor and evaluate the activities initiated under the CAMPA schemes in the in the whole state. The assessment is carried out with the help of suitable performance indicators which could comparatively assess the activities undertaken in the CAMPA schemes and their effectiveness in meeting the aim and objectives of CAMPA, which seeks to promote:

  • Conservation, protection, regeneration and management of existing natural forests
  • Conservation, protection and management of wildlife and its habitat within and outside protected area including the consolidation of the protected areas
  • Compensatory afforestation
  • Environmental services, which includes
  • Research, training and capacity building

Moreover, during the assessment overall impact of activities in terms of any environmental, ecological and socio-economic is also assessed.

The salient features of the scope of work includes-

  • Monitoring and evaluation report of schemes implemented within a time period.
  • Development of key performance indicators and finalization of the same in consultation with the State CAMPA to monitor and evaluate the schemes. For e.g. Extent of area, growth, survival percentage, quality of seedlings and buildings, hygiene and health of Nurseries and Plantations etc.
  • Data collection and collation
  • Carrying out comprehensive outcome focused impacts evaluation of the schemes

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