GICIA India Pvt Ltd provides services for estimation and management of Greenhouse Gas sources and sinks for organisation, industries and corporates.

GHG Foot Printing: GHG assessment also known as GHG Inventorization of an organisation or geographical area is defined as the sum total of Greenhouse Emissions from its activities in a specified time period. GHG Inventory is generally done for a period of one year.
It is represented in Metric tonnes of Carbon Dioxide equivalent (tCO2eq)
Emission Profile or Boundary is categorised based on the source of GHG emissions:
• Scope 1: Direct emissions. Ex. Fuel combustion within the compound, Emission from HVAC system, etc
• Scope 2: Indirect Emission. Ex Emission from purchased electricity and steam
• Scope:3 Other Indirect emissions Ex. Emission from travelling, transportation of waste, etc

• Identifying and Managing GHG emissions sources and risks
• Identifying opportunities associated with GHG management
• Participation in Voluntary and Mandatory GHG programme
• Participation in Emission Trading Systems and Markets
• Achievement of Carbon Neutrality
• Increase in Brand Value

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GICIA India Pvt Ltd provides services for calculation of Carbon Footprint associated with a specific product and its value chain along with Consulting services to reduce the Greenhouse Gas emissions

Product Carbon Footprint helps the organisation to:

• Identify sources of Greenhouse Emissions in the Value Chain
• Identify and Capture Greenhouse Gas reduction opportunities
• Achieve of Carbon Neutrality
• Increase the Brand Value

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