Assignment Name: Planning & implementation of National Mission for Green India in Assam state
Name of Client: Assam State Forest Department(Golaghat Forest Division)

Address: Golaghat, Assam

Narrative description  of Project:


The objective of the project was to identify viable interventions under the submissions and cross-cutting strategies of the National Mission for Green India, in the identified landscape and to prepare micro plans for each twenty JFMCs (Joint Forest Management Committees) and a perspective plan for a period of 5/10 years which can address the climate change adaptation and mitigation issues in the identified landscape.

Project area:

The project was undertaken in Assam state to provide consultancy to the Assam forest department in preparation of the GIM plan document. The project was started as a pilot project in Golaghat district which lies in the upper Brahmaputra regime and is located between 25°47’N to 26°55.4’N Latitude and 93°16.8’E to 94°10.8’E Longitude. The baseline study was carried out in L3 landscape which comprises of twenty Joint Forest Management Committees (JFMCs).

Description of services provided within the assignment:

Services provided in the assignment:

a. Sensitization and Capacity building exercises for forest deptt. officials and JFMC members

b.   Stakeholder mapping and consultation at a national as well as regional levels

c.     Baseline survey using Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) exercise

d.   Secondary data collection from line agencies

e.  GIS mapping

f.    Preparation of JFMC level  Microplans at operational level

g.  Preparation of 5/10 years Perspective  Plan at broader landscape(L1) level

Project Status : Completed