GIPL/ICC NTA, LLC has recently certified Greenply, Kolkata unit for CARB ATCM & TSCA Title VI

Greenply Industries Ltd., the largest interior infrastructure company in India which accounts for almost 36 percent of the organized plywood and 26 percent of the organized laminate market in India. The company has a pan–India presence with 46 branches across India and presence in over 300 cities across 21 states.

Greenply Industries Ltd. (Kriparampur) is the first company in state of West Bengal to attain CARB ATCM (sec 93120 – 93120.12) & EPA TSCA Title VI, 40 CFR Part 770 Certification.

GIPL, in association with US based Certification Body, i.e. ICC NTA, LLC has recently certified Kolkata based unit of Greenply, and it is the second unit of Greenply to have been certified in a year.

GIPL works under the banner of ICC NTA, LLC and has certified 11 composite wood manufacturers by far including Greenply, Kriparampur unit.

The manufacturer can produce CARB P2 Compliant and EPA TSCA Title VI Certified Hardwood Plywood – Veneer Core (HWPW-VC) product to regulate the formaldehyde emission from plywood.

ICC NTA, LLC has authorized Greenply (Kriparampur) to use NTA’s mark (NLR-1089) and put label on certified product to sell into the market