NCCF FM Certification process


Representatives of the forest management operation in India fill out an application or provide a request for proposal to undergo the certification evaluation process.

Project Proposal

GICIA India Pvt. Ltd (hereinafter referred as GIPL) evaluates the application and prepares an audit plan and proposal, including the costs and a timeline for the evaluation process. The work order including quotation is sent to the applicant and on its acceptance, agreement is prepared and sent to the applicant. The applicant then authorizes the work order, signs the agreement and the certification process begins.

Stakeholder Consultation

GIPL team conducts stakeholder consultations to acquire outside input regarding the applicant’s management performance in relation to the certification criteria.

Preliminary assessment

A preliminary visit is arranged primarily to get further details and assess readiness for on-site audit.

On-Site Audit

The audit team conducts an on-site audit to determine if the applicant’s management system is being implemented in conformity with the Forest management standards. Forest conditions are also assessed. A report is produced that details the results of the evaluation. Client is informed of nonconformities, if any, observed during the on-site audit and information is provided regarding additional evaluation task needed to verify that corrections have been made and corrective action taken on nonconformities.

Report Review

The audit report is reviewed by the applicant for factual accuracy, and then submitted to independent peer review to validate the appropriateness of the team’s analytical methodology and conclusions. A public summary of the report is prepared and sent to the client for placing on its web site.


Following peer review, the GIPL reviews the report and other relevant information to decide whether to approve certification. If certification is not approved, reasons thereof are communicated to the applicant.

Requisite Annual Surveillance Audit

A surveillance audit is confirmed (via Work Order) and conducted; Audit Report is prepared by Auditor and reviewed by GIPL. The public summary is updated with the results of the Surveillance audit.

Application Form                                                               Certification Manual                                                                 NCCF FM Standard