GIPL has advanced into Life Cycle assessment service and is well prepared to assess the products and services from cradle to grave and help the clients to rise in ladder of sustainability.

Life Cycle Assessment is an environmental accounting and management approach that considers all the aspects of resource use and environmental releases associated with an industrial system from cradle to grave. Specifically, it is a holistic view of environmental interactions that covers a range of activities, from the extraction of raw materials from the Earth and the production and distribution of energy, through the use, and reuse, and final disposal of a product.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and its application in Environment Product Declaration (EPD)

When the world and the global leaders are addressing the problem of climate change which is all in relation with exhausted resources and emissions coming out of developing activities, a firm’s commitment towards a global crisis is only addressed when it performs and abides by the results of Life Cycle Assessment of its product and services.

LCA gives the opportunity to make environmentally conscious decisions by identifying the ‘environmental hotspots’ in the life cycle of a product or service.

Analysis of contribution of life cycle stage to the overall ‘environmental loads’, helps in prioritizing improvements on product or processes.

LCA serves the basis for identification of ‘key performance indicators’ for life cycle management and help in building a greener business.


LCA is a relative tool intended for comparison and not absolute evaluation, thereby helping decision makers compare all major environmental impacts when choosing between alternative courses of action.

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We offer customized LCA, based on client’s product or service type and requirements.

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