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Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) Chain of Custody

PEFC chain of custody is an international forest certification scheme providing independent verified assurance of only certified forest-based material contained in a product throughout the supply chain that originates from sustainably and responsibly managed forests.


PEFC chain of custody certification adds value in your business by enabling you to showcase your legal and sustainable sourcing of forest products to your customers.

For companies at the end of the supply chain, such as brand owners and retailers, PEFC certification offers wide range of benefits by highlighting your sustainable procurement choices for fulfilling demanding legislative and existing market requirements.

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  • Application received and reviewed by Program Coordinator to seek all required information from client.
  • Proposal sent and agreement signed between client and GIPL.

  • Quality Manual and other relevant documents received by Program Coordinator.

  • On-site inspection conducted by the auditor to gather evidence of conformance.

  • Inspection report submitted and reviewed, non conformance identified.

  • Closure of non-conformances and issuance of Certification.

  • Annual surveillance conducted to check continued conformance against the standard requirements.

  • You can contact us at [email protected] or 0120-5107042 for information about the certification scheme, including evaluation procedures, rules, and procedures for granting, maintaining, extending, or reducing the scope of, suspending, withdrawing, or refusing certification.