Logo And Language Usage Guidelines

This page describes the terms of using the below mentioned GICIA India Pvt. Ltd. (hereinafter referred as GIPL) Logo and Text

  • GICIA India Pvt. Ltd. Logo,  
  • “GICIA India Pvt. Ltd.” Text
  • its abbreviated form “GIPL”

Any Party wishing to use this trademark on any material that will be seen by consumers (i.e. Business to consumer communication, called (“Consumer-facing”) must hold a valid certification to do so from GIPL, certified organizations are allowed to use GIPL’s logo and text only after receiving written approval from GIPL program Manager.

All the marketing, communications, and other staff and contractors who are responsible for providing information about GIPL company’s certification for product labels printed brochures, sales sheets, and other collateral or promotional materials, as well as for advertising, press releases, websites, published reports, articles, signs, or any other communications, are bound to follow the guidelines given here

GIPL’s logo and text shall not be used in such a manner so as to bring the GIPL into disrepute and make any statement regarding its certification that may be considered misleading.

1. Scope

This Usage Guideline covers how to use the GICIA India Pvt. Ltd. Logo and Text for promotional and non-promotional activities. The document on Logo and Language acts as a guide for the relevant organization on the usage of the Logo and Text of GICIA India Pvt. Ltd.  This is mandatory for all the GICIA India Pvt. Ltd. certified organizations to follow correctly the usage of the Logo.

2. About the GIPL Logo

3.1 The GIPL Logo

The Logo is the single most recognizable symbol of GICIA India Pvt. Ltd. It is critical for the Logo to be used properly to help keep up the trustworthiness of the image and brand of GIPL. There is something more to the Logo than you may think. The sort and illustrations were painstakingly made to convey the ideas of water, air, earth and fire in one concise graphic.

As GIPL is dealing with various elements of nature so our logo comprises four elements of nature yet keeping it simple and elegant.

The GIPL logo comprises five features, which may not be separated from each other or altered in any way: It denotes the element Water.

A. It denotes the element Air.

B. It denotes the element Earth.

C. The shape denotes shape of the complete unit is denoting fire.

D. The letters TM indicate that this logo is a trademark.

3.2 Dimension, Font and Color The Artboard Dimensions is 15.0229 in x 12 in. The font used is El Messiri Bold.  The color code is explained below
1. GIPL Logo Usage Guidelines

  1. Upon achieving a certification from GICIA India Pvt. Ltd., GIPL shall provide its logo language guidance documents to each client. Clients are requested to always be ensured that they use the Logo files that are provided by the Program Manager or designee and do not endeavor to change or make the GIPL Logo by themselves.

  1. The Logo should be readable over background images and should not be placed over images, artwork or backgrounds that negatively affect legibility.

  1. The GIPL logo is generated in color, but may be reproduced in color or in black and white, within certain guidelines. The following versions of the mark are available for usage by the Certificate Holders:
  2. full color positive,
  3. black and white positive (BWP) for use in black and white reproductions,
  4. black and white negatives (BWN) for use when the mark is required to be placed on a dark background

  1. To maintain optimum clarity in reproducing GIPL logo at a small size, the logo should not be reduced in smaller than what can be seen with the naked eye.

  1. Clear Space Requirements: To keep up the respectability and lucidity of the brand, “clear space” measurements have been built up for the GICIA India Pvt. Ltd. Logo. No other graphic or text element/component encroaches into this space. As appeared in the illustration, the minimum clear space is measured utilizing “X”, where X equals to 10% of the height of the mark.

3.6 Use of the GIPL logo and Text in conjunction with other certification marks: While using GIPL Logo or Text in conjunction with another mark, the user shall follow the requirements of that particular certification scheme or accreditation.

1. Steps to use the GIPL Logo
5. Improper GIPL Logo Usage

5.1 Improper use of the GIPL Logo include, but is not limited to:

a) Using the Logo in any other manner that implies that products are certified by GICIA India Pvt. Ltd. And/or its accreditation bodies.

b) Forging an original copy of Logo or Text.

c) Publicizing certification or using Logos and/or symbols on business cards, signboards, on websites with different addresses other than the address certified (difference must be communicated on cards, signboards, or websites).

d) Publicizing certification or using Logos and/or symbols on business cards, signboards, on websites with products or services other than the certified ones (differences of such products and services must be communicated on cards, signboards, or websites).

e) Publicizing the scope of activities of the certified organization that misleads the public.

f) Advertising certification in any way that might mislead the reader about the status of a certified organization.

g) Using outdated /obsolete versions of the Logos and/or symbols.

h) GIPL logo and/or text should not be a part of company’s website domain, company name or brand name.

5.2 It is the responsibility of the certification recipient to avoid any unfair use, deceptive use, misuse and mischaracterization the GIPL logo and text. All public declarations and program approved declarations and labeling should clearly apply only to products and projects that have undergone assessment and earned certificate.

Avoid misuse on non-certified products: GIPL logo and text shall not be used in conjunction with non-certified products or programs, in any manner other than explicitly authorize by GIPL in the guidance document or otherwise authorize in writing.

Avoid declarations other than those approved by GIPL: GIPL Logo & text and any declaration shall not be used in a manner that suggests a meaning other than that intends and allowed by GIPL.

Non- transferability of the certification: The GIPL Logo is not transferable for use by third parties and under no circumstances should the GIPL Logo be used by any organization who is not certified by GICIA India Pvt. Ltd or authorized by written approval from GICIA India Pvt. Ltd.

Marketing and public relation: The applicant should work closely with GIPL while making Business to Business and/or Business to Consumer use of GIPL logo or text.

5.3 Infringements and Unacceptable Use

a. Alteration of the extent of the Mark

b. Alteration of the shape of the Mark

c. Changing text styles inside the Mark

d. Alteration of the color of the mark unless authorization is obtained

e. Changing the Mark data/information

f. Screening/Blurring the Mark

g. Distortion of the Mark

h. Rotation of the Mark

6. Contact Us

Contact the GICIA India Pvt. Ltd. Program Manager, if you have any questions about the certification mark usage process, or if you have any questions about appropriate use of the GIPL certification mark, the GIPL name, or language pertaining to your certification.

If any certificate holder wishes to use GICIA India Pvt. Ltd. Logo or text in any material such as newspaper articles, magazine articles, electronic media, or similar publications, they must acquire prior approval from GICIA India Pvt. Ltd. by sending proposals to Program Manager.