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GIPL team of experts provide you Independent monitoring and evaluation services to strengthen your interventions and increase impact.

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Greenhouse Gas Assessment

GHG assessment also known as GHG Inventorization of an organisation or geographical area is defined as the sum total of Greenhouse Emissions from its activities in a specified time period. GHG Inventory is generally done for a period of one year.

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Climate Change and Adaptation

Climate change adaptation refers to actions that reduce the negative impact of climate change, while taking advantage of potential new opportunities. It involves adjusting policies and actions because of observed or expected changes in climate.
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Ecological and Biodiversity Assessment

Assessing the status and trends of biodiversity is essential for sustainable development strategies at all levels, from village to nation to region. Biodiversity is crucial for wellbeing of people and the Earth. 

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Planning & implementation of National Mission for Green India in landscapes

Green India mission is one of the missions that come under the umbrella of the National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC).Green India Mission was launched in 2014. The primary aim is to protect, restore and enhance India’s diminishing forest cover.
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Third Party Monitoring and Evaluation of Centrally sponsored Project

Third-Party Monitoring (TMP) allows organizations to monitor projects that are inaccessible to their own staff for various reasons. It also helps provide an independent perspective on project performance, risk or contentious monitoring.

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Scientific Assessment and Resource Mapping of Timber resources

Resource mapping is the process of identifying what is valuable in your community and developing strategies for mobilizing those resources. By working with others, you can benefit from a multitude of relationships, experience, resources, and skills.