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Vriksh Certification

Proactive forest managers, manufacturers and wood product traders are responding to a growing number of timber legality regulations by seeking third-party verification of their timber products’ legal status. Verification helps your organization to comply with the International regulations such as the US Lacey Act, the European Union Timber Regulation, the Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition Act, and so on. VRIKSH which is an EPCH timber legality assessment and verification standard for verification of legality and legal origin of wood and wooden products is intended for entities who want to accurately track and make claims about the legal origin and transport of their products. GICIA India Pvt Ltd provides Vriksh Certification in association with Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH) as a third party certification body. At present nearly 500+ exporters, traders and saw millers dealing in handicraft and furniture items have been benefited. For more information please http://vrikshindia.in/index.php/user/index


  • Supports compliance with EUTR and other International Timber Regulations.
    Well Documented Process
  • Worldwide presence through a web-based registry
  • Legality verification of diverse wood origin sources.
  • Ensures traceability of material through the system.
  • Increased confidence of buyers
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Increased market access due to the ability to put certified products in the market.
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    1. Application
    2. Application Review
    3. Agreement and Preparation of Documents
    4. Main Assessment/Onsite Audit
    5. Report Preparation and Review
    6. Certification Decision
    7. Annual Surveillance
    8. Re-Evaluation Assessment and Renewal of validity