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Safeboards standards & Certification Scheme

Safeboards Standards & Certification Scheme (SBCS) The Safeboards Standards & Certification Scheme (SBCS) is India’s first ever indigenously developed certification scheme to cap emissions from composite wood products in accordance with Safeboards Certification Standard-Version 1.0 (approved by NCCF). This is a scheme under which standards have been developed for voluntary certification of composite wood products for the benefit of the manufacturers, users, and other stakeholders. Safeboards Standards & Certification Scheme require manufacturers of composite wood products (i.e., Plywood, Medium Density Fibreboard, thin Medium Density Fibreboard, Particleboard, Oriented stands Board, Laminated Veneer Lumber, Blockboards, Flush Doors and Engineered Bamboo Wood Composite) to meet formaldehyde limits and undergo regular inspection and laboratory testing approved by a Third-Party Certifier. Purpose & Benefits The proposed scheme is for the value-addition to the composite-wood manufacturers and health benefits to the people. It will focus technical criteria and safe levels on toxic emissions of formaldehyde from the composite wood products. This scheme will be an indigenous and internationally benchmarked for use in sustainable/low-emitting furniture products, handicraft items and other interior products. The development of this scheme aims to have uniform technical regulations using appropriate standards across the manufacturing units for manufacturing safe products intended to be sold as export or for domestic markets.

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Name of Mill Mill No. TPC Country Status
Balaji Action Tesa SBCS-GIPL-0011 TPC-44 India Valid
Safeboard standard